Letters Of Love




Love comes in many forms, whether it be the love of a parent, a partner or a friend; loving one’s self, one’s country or even a precious memento.

Letters of Love is a stunningly candid, funny and touching reminder of the power of love, created by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, in honour of Walter Mikac’s two young daughters, lost in the horrors of the Port Arthur Massacre.

Letters of Love, published on the 20th Anniversary of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, is a reminder that despite the darkness and tragedy that often threatens to engulf our world, love and sharing love are the most important things we can do.

“This book was inspired by letters and drawings by Alannah. There were so many pictures she’d drawn in her school file of herself, her sister and the whole family. They gave me some solace along the way…

…This book is about sharing love, especially to those people close to you. It’s not until you don’t have those people around that you realise how much it means.”

Walter Mikac – Founder and father

Letters of Love, opening with a letter from Alannah to her father, features words of hope, love and reflections from prominent Australians. This incredible collection features Cameron Daddo’s words to his 80-year-old self, Jamila Rizvi to her beloved toddler, Layne Beachley’s letter of gratitude, Leigh Sales’ and Melissa Doyle’s candid and touching letters to their children, Jimmy Barnes’ homage to music and Julian Burnside’s impassioned plea to a future Australia.

“It’s… about what is best in the human heart. Let’s hope it can be a good example of better communication in people’s lives, leading to better relationships and a more peaceful world.”

Ron Barassi AM

Contributors include:

Rex Hunt, Steve Vizard, Neil Mitchell, Ron Barassi, Bob Brown, Melissa Doyle, Layne Beachley, Gina Liano, Chrissy Swan, Michael Kirby, Danni Minogue, Jimmy Barnes, Cadel Evans, Andrew O’Keefe, Cameron Daddo, and Steve Bradbury.